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(Thomas Taylor's Translations and other Platonic writings)

OMAssociates supports the work of Pierre Grimes, PhD and Platonic Philosophy by making books available for purchase here. OMAssociates supports a global community with a foundation in Ancient Wisdom traditions; its outreach is rooted in modern internet technology, and its vision is open to the potential of the Cosmos.

For more information on the work of Pierre Grimes please visit The NOETIC SOCIETY, INC.
website where you will find most of the materials from the old Opening Mind Academy website. Also visit YouTube and search for Pierre Grimes' video clips. Pierre's dialogic computer program TO ARTEMIS can still be used to explore personal problems. To see one of the best Journals around, go to NEW PERSPECTIVES' website.

Opening Mind Associates is now the North American distributor for The Prometheus Trust publications, bringing the complete Thomas Taylor Series to students of all ages. All volumes are now available for immediate shipment. Your online ordering experience has been designed to be secure and we have very strict privacy and confidentiality policies in place. For more information on the works of Prometheus Trust (including the Thomas Taylor Series), please visit the PROMETHEUS TRUSTwebsite.

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Please see ourLinks Pageto see other resources available for your own personal development through philosophy. Pierre Grimes and some of his students have published materials onLuLuand we encourage you to visit LuLu and look for works translated by Juan Balboa or works by Pierre Grimes.